Rocco Strangeways Timeline

the rocco strangeways erotic adventures

The Rocco Strangeways Erotic Adventures Timeline

Here is the entire Rocco Strangeways Erotic Adventures Timeline, including some significant life experiences

Some Important Names: Rocco Strangeways: star of the show, Cacophony (Phony) Strangeways: Rocco’s father, Prudence (Pru) Strangeways: Rocco’s mom, Brixton Strangeways: Rocco’s brother, Beatle Melnick: Rocco’s best friend, Naomi: Phony’s first girlfriend after marriage, Chelsea: Phony’s second girlfriend after marriage, Hannah: Naomi’s daughter & Rocco’s first significant relationship.

Rocco Age 18

I Have Not Yet Begun To Defile Myself: A Rocco Strangeways Life Synopsis (1st Edition)

My Best Friend’s Mom Didn’t Like It When My Girlfriend Left Me With Blue Balls

What Do You Mean I Have To Share My Room With Mom’s Weird Work Friend?

Helping Our Principal’s Wife With Her Compulsive Exhibitionism

I Get A Good Feeling Helping My Sunday School Teacher Learn How To Swallow (Part 1)

Phony & Pru’s marriage ends.

My Dad’s Girlfriend Has A Zero-Tolerance Policy On Morning Wood

Say Hello To My Not-So-Little Friend

I Think My Girlfriend’s Crazy Sexy Grandma Wants To Usher Me Into Manhood

Rocco Age 19

Rocco Graduates High School (After staying for summer school and fall semester).

Rocco starts and pretty much ends college.

On A Quest To Find My Missing Big-Breasted Biology Teacher (Part 1)

Sometimes It’s Totally Worth It To Help Sexy Old Ladies With Their Groceries

Phony & Naomi’s relationship ends.

Phony & Chelsea’s relationship starts.

Whenever My Dad’s New Girlfriend Gets Too Much Sun She Wants To Fuck Everything

Rocco moves out on his own and starts working his crappy jobs.

It’s So Annoying When My Boss’s Wife Tries To Micromanage My Overripe Cock (Part 1)

That Time Rocco Got Guilted Into Repeatedly Bathing The Mayor’s Adopted Daughter (Part 1)

Rocco & Hannah (his dad’s former girlfriend’s eldest daughter)(Rocco’s Second Signficant Relationship)

Rocco & Hannah get engaged.

Having My Fiancée’s Hairy Godmother For Dessert

Rocco & Hannah begin a pattern of putting off their wedding. Rocco seems particularly apprehensive about marriage.

Rocco Age 22

Rocco’s First Child: Giacomo (Jaco)

Rocco Age 24

Rocco’s Second Child: Rebekah (Bekah)

Rocco Age 25

Somebody Needs To Take That Bitchy Old Lady Out And Show Her A Good Time (Part 1)

Rocco Age 26

I Can’t Tell You How Good It Felt To Finally Let Go In My Neighbor’s Daughter’s Mouth

Rocco Age 27

My Neighbor’s Daughter Thinks The Best Way To Treat Her Stomach Aches Is My Fresh Juice

My Brother’s Weird Girlfriend Wants To Start A Man Draining And Cleaning Service

Rocco Age 28

Our Sexy Little Babysitter Doesn’t Want To Be Paid In Cash But Rather Cum (Part 1)

That Time Rocco Acquiesced To Running Away With His Girlfriend’s Hot Little Sister (Part 1) and (Part 2)

Rocco Age 29

I Only Fucked My Best Friend’s Wife Up The Ass To Save Their Kids From Heat Stroke

Rocco Age 31

Rocco After First Significant Relationship.

That Time I Was Taken In By A Bunch Of Rude But Sexy Cock-Crazed Bitches (Part 1)

and (Part 2)

Rocco Age 35

Rocco And McKayla (Rocco’s Second Signficant Relationship)

Who Am I To Question A Former Scream Queen’s Strict Blowjob Schedule?

Rocco Age 37

That Special Moment When Your Best Friend’s Daughter Chooses Your Cock To Be Her First
(with Bedbug, Age 19)

Rocco Age 38

Rocco After Second Significant Relationship

Rocco Age 42

Rocco Letting Loose On His Girlfriend’s Daughter

Rocco Age 43

Rocco And Belinda (Rocco’s Third Significant Relationship)

I Can’t See How Anyone Could Fault Me For Trying To Warm Up My Girlfriend’s Big Sister

Rocco Age 44

My Girlfriend’s Super Cute Daughter Really Gets A Kick Out Of My O-Face

Rocco Age 46

Rocco After Second Significant Relationship.

Rocco Age 49

I Hope I Didn’t Mess Up That Messed-Up Girl Even More By Screwing Her Brains Out (Part 1)

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