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I Have Not Yet Begun To Defile Myself: A Rocco Strangeways Life Synopsis

I Have Not Yet Begun To Defile Myself: A Rocco Strangeways Life SynopsisI Have Not Yet Begun To Defile Myself: A Rocco Strangeways Life Synopsis is a great way to learn about all things Rocco Strangeways and a great place to start. You can either read it here at by following links below or from the ebook itself by following link here.

Rocco At Age 20

After only a year-plus together, Rocco’s father Phony and his father’s girlfriend Naomi’s relationship fell by the wayside. Of course, it didn’t help that Rocco couldn’t keep his hands off Naomi’s eldest daughter Hannah and vise-versa. Regardless, for whatever reason, namely Rocco, the relationship was over. And, for a moment, it seemed as though Phony was going to give his marriage with Pru another go. However, that moment soon passed.

And so, Phony was on the prowl again, in search of his next extra-marital relationship, and even though he promised himself he would take his time this time, and not just grab the first woman he saw, he did exactly that, this time a bona fide tart in 30-year-old Chelsea, who was closer to Rocco’s age than his father’s age, which almost inevitably led to Rocco’s next erotic adventure, entitled Whenever My Dad’s New Girlfriend Gets Too Much Sun She Wants To Fuck Everything In Sight.

One thing about tarts is they’re only good for so long and then you have to toss them in the bin. Perhaps that’s what Phony did, as Chelsea soon gave way to a much better match, a very lovely 35-year-old Sierra, who was so lovely, and so sweet, and so dainty, her little self fell victim to a wicked sore throat, compliments of Rocco, and then, who knows, maybe she wasn’t so lovely and sweet after all, since, perhaps out of desperation, turned to Rocco and his long and thin talent to remedy her sore throat, which led to Rocco’s next erotic adventure, My Dad’s Girlfriend Thinks I’m The Best Remedy For Her Wicked Sore Throat (Part One), the first adventured released in Rocco’s own words.

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