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I Have Not Yet Begun To Defile Myself: A Rocco Strangeways Life Synopsis

I Have Not Yet Begun To Defile Myself: A Rocco Strangeways Life SynopsisI Have Not Yet Begun To Defile Myself: A Rocco Strangeways Life Synopsis is a great way to learn about all things Rocco Strangeways and a great place to start. You can either read it here at by following links below or from the ebook itself by following link here.

Rocco At Age 18

Despite his various erotic adventures prior to age 18, Rocco was still relatively new to the world of sex, partially because of his religious upbringing, and partially because Rocco didn’t like applying himself, in anything, even things as instantly rewarding as sex. However, with his very pleasing looks, and his very pleasing 11-inch cock, erotic adventures were almost an inevitability, starting with one between him and his best friend Beatle’s mom Mercy, entitled My Best Friend’s Mom Didn’t Like It When My Girlfriend Left Me With Blue Balls. Next up, was an incident with his mother’s 34-year-old work friend Athena, entitled What Do You Mean I Have To Share My Room With Mom’s Weird Work Friend? And shortly after, an experience alongside his best friend Beatle with their principal’s compulsive exhibitionist wife, entitled Helping Our Principal’s Wife With Her Compulsive Exhibitionism. Next, came an extended affair with his Sunday School teacher, entitled I Get A Good Feeling Helping My Sunday School Teacher Learn How To Swallow (Part 1).

My Dad's Girlfriend Has A Zero-Tolerance Policy On All Morning WoodMidway through Rocco’s 18th year, sadly, the chasm between his father and mother, which had formed after Pru’s religious rebirth and grown with every subsequent year, was at its worst, and Phony and Pru, for all intent and purpose, separated, not wholly, since Pru and her religious fanaticism wouldn’t allow a full-blown divorce, but certainly emotionally, in that Pru gave Phony free rein to see other women, just so long as he wasn’t too obnoxious about it, which he never was, except, of course, when he was.

Say Hello To My No-So-Little FriendNot long after this marital cell-division, let’s call it, Phony met Naomi at SORZ, a support group for survivors of religious zealots, and began a romantic relationship, which had all the bells and whistles of a marriage, without all the slings and arrows of a marriage. Phony, essentially, became a plural head-of-household, continuing his head-of-household duties at Rocco’s house, while weaving in his head-of-household duties at Naomi’s house. And, with Naomi, came her two very lovely daughters Hannah, who was the same age as Rocco, and Margot, who was five years younger.

I Think My Girlfriend's Crazy Sexy Grandmother Wants To Usher Me Into ManhoodWith the Strangeways family unit altered beyond recognition, Rocco’s next wave of erotic adventures was set to take place, starting with My Dad’s Girlfriend Has A Zero-Tolerance Policy On Morning Wood. Followed shortly behind by an incident with his dad’s girlfriend’s daughter Hannah, entitled Say Hello To My Not-So-Little Friend. And lastly, was a liaison with his on-again-off-again girlfriend Shimmy-Shimmy-Ko-Ko-Bop’s grandmother Marilyn, entitled I Think My Girlfriend’s Crazy Sexy Grandma Wants To Usher Me Into Manhood.

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