The Rocco Strangeways Erotic Adventures

The Rocco Strangeways Erotic Adventures

Rocco Letting Loose On His Girlfriend's DaughterThe Rocco Strangeways Erotic Adventures are a series of naughty little sex tales starring Rocco Strangeways. The thing about Rocco Strangeways is he isn’t trying to get into all the trouble he gets into. He’s not trying to do this girl or that girl. Or let loose on this lady or that lady. He’s just like you and me. Trying to get through life. Trying to be a good person. Trying not to do every hot babe he sees. But sometimes these things just happen. Like that Gomer Pyle wannabe Dr. Phil says, “It is what it is.” Rocco Strangeways is what he is. A doer.

The supporting cast for these adventures are made up of either one-off characters or a series of recurring characters, including one of his significant relationships; Hannah (During Rocco’s 20’s), Mckayla (During Rocco’s 30’s), or Belinda (During Rocco’s 40’s), or his best friend Beatle, and often one of their family members. These recurring characters would be considered willing or unwilling members of the Roccosphere.

It’s important to note, Rocco Strangeways isn’t one to toot his own 11-inch horn, mainly because such a thing would be impossible, but the real reason is because tooting his own horn simply would never occur to Rocco, and that’s why most of these tales are told by members of the Roccosphere, either as first or second-hand accounts, with a vast majority of these tales told by Rocco’s best friend Beatle, the first member of the Roccosphere, with a great many more, perhaps in direct response to Beatle’s plethora of tales, told by Rocco himself.

The Rocco Strangeways Erotic Adventures Series is written by Tomé Tourette, who knows when to hold them and knows when to fold them, but isn’t quite clear when to run. Tomé Tourette never counts Tomé Tourette’s money when Tomé Tourette’s sitting at the table. Tomé Tourette knows that they’ll be time enough for counting when the dealings done. So that’s why Tomé Tourette writes erotica and tons of it. Enjoy!

I Have Not Yet Begun To Defile Myself: A Rocco Strangeways Life Synopsis

I Have Not Yet Begun To Defile Myself: A Rocco Strangeways Life SynopsisI Have Not Yet Begun To Defile Myself: A Rocco Strangeways Life Synopsis is a great way to learn about all things Rocco Strangeways and a great place to start. You can either read it here at by following links below or from the ebook itself by following link here.

Rocco In The Beginning

Rocco Strangeways was born in the seacoast town of Burping, NJ, to Cacophony, or Phony, Strangeways and Prudence, or Pru, Strangeways. He had one brother, Brixton Strangeways, who was five years older and approximately five times smarter, if not just five times more industrious, than Rocco.

To put a face to a name, Rocco was a handsome devil, with shimmering blue eyes and dirty blond hair, which he usually kept long, depending on whether or not his mother felt like policing the length. He was of medium height and medium weight. His brother Brixton was similar, but with a slightly lesser degree of handsomeness. Oddly, while Rocco and Brixton both had fair features, their parents both had dark features. This was something that always ate at Rocco, feeding into his on-again-off-again theory that he might be adopted, which was purely conjecture on his part.

Shortly after the age of 5, Rocco’s family moved to the picturesque, quaint little town of Twig, NY, where he lived until the ripe-old age of 10, but was then, once more, uprooted, shortly after his mother’s religious rebirth, to the All-American Bible-toting town of Gargamel, MO, where the majority of Rocco’s erotic adventures would take place. Read more

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