Rocco Strangeways Re-Release: Rocco Letting Loose On His Girlfriend’s Daughter

Rocco Strangeways Re-Release

Rocco Letting Loose On His Girlfriend's DaughterRocco Letting Loose On His Girlfriend’s Daughter


After a quick refresher course wandering around the upstairs hallway and bedroom doors, Rocco arrived at what could only be Tallulah’s bedroom door, finding it cracked open. Rocco peeked inside.

Inside, to Rocco’s surprised, he saw Tallulah, his girlfriend’s 22-year-old daughter with a sweet face and long dirty blond hair lying on her bed and seemingly slumbering away. Her shirt was off, and her loose-fitting jeans were undone and pushed partially down.

Once Rocco moved inside, he could see she had a lacy semi-see-through baby-blue bra on, which did very little to hide her perky little tits and pink beaming nipples. As he moved in further still, he could see, with her jeans wide open, she had what appeared to be a matching pair of lacy semi-see-through baby blue panties, which did very little to hide her furry dirty blond pussy hair. Rocco was instantly mesmerized.

Tallulah was so hot. In general. And right from the get-go, Rocco had a little thing for her. How could he not? After all, it’s not like Tallulah ever behaved like a good girl should. She liked to talk and flirt with her mother’s handsome, carefree boyfriend. She liked to tell him about her many adventures with the opposite sex. She especially liked to get a rise out of Rocco. And this afternoon was no different, as Rocco’s big cock was firming quickly in his shorts, nearly bursting to get out. Read More

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