Rocco Strangeways New Release: The Only Work I Could Find Was Holding Up My Girlfriend’s Grandma’s Big Boobs

The Only Work I Could Find Was Holding Up My Girlfriend's Grandma's Big Boobs (Part 1)The Only Work I Could Find Was Holding Up My Girlfriend’s Grandma’s Big Boobs (Part 1)


“Rocco, I can’t believe you’re going to debate me on this?” Rocco’s girlfriend and the mother of his children Hannah said, looking beyond pissed, as she finished getting dressed for work.

“Hannah, I’m not debating you. I know I’m not exactly pulling my weight around here,” Rocco said, almost equally pissed with himself and his predicament, and by extension, the predicament he was putting his family through, ever since this long and seemingly never-ending work lull began some seven months prior.

“I’m not even saying all that.” She stood and looked at him. “You do pull your weight. I work and you take care of Jaco and Bekah. As much as I wish the roles were reversed, it is what it is. But, we could always use a little more cash. That’s all I’m saying. And, I think with Sara willing to watch Jaco and Bekah just about any time, and not even for cash, but cum, well, that’s all the more reason to take my grandma up on the offer.”

“Yeah. I guess we should. I mean, it can’t be any worse than any of the other god-awful jobs I’ve had.” Rocco smiled, considering.

“Definitely.” Hannah smiled. Then, she wrapped her arms around him. “And, Rocco, you’d really be helping out. Helping my family out. Especially my grandma, obviously.”

He smiled and nodded, still wondering how on earth, exactly, he was supposed to be helping Hannah’s grandmother. All he knew was it was a personal issue, nothing gross, or at least Hannah promised it was nothing gross. Her grandmother wasn’t that bad off. In fact, she was extremely healthy for her age. Actually, to Rocco’s surprise, and wonderment, it was something to do with her grandmother’s big boobs. Now that it was somewhat settled, Rocco thought he might have earned a bit of disclosure, so, once more, he asked Hannah, “So, what is it, exactly, am I going to be doing with your grandma’s big boobs?”

“To be honest, I’m not exactly sure myself. All I know is she’s fed up with her bras not working, for whatever reason.” Read More

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